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Celebrating Mothers with Coding and AI Online Courses
Let's thank all the fantastic moms and other female role models this Mother's Day. What better way to show your mom how much you care than with a unique present this year?
The state of Robotics in India
The state of Robotics in India - How is it in celebrating 75 years of excellence and innovation?
UDHAY SHANKAR | The Dream Of Making Children Future Ready!
With every new age comes new knowledge which is then passed down as wisdom. On this Special Occasion, The DIYA Family wishes you all the very best in your future endeavors that encompasses yours and our dreams together!
DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding
DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding
28th February is a day to celebrate a lot of the wonderful science and technology that we have in our daily-life today. However, we at DIYA Robotics felt like the day deserved to be just a little more special. We are setting up DIYA IGNITZ, the international innovation challenge for children.
New Age Tools for New Age Citizens!
We all like science-fiction or Sci-Fi stuff, don’t we? With all the movies that fantasize about robots and machines fighting against each other, some part of that fan-base has always wanted to be a certain Mr Stark right?
An Anna University Journey - Online Vulnerabilities and Cybersecurity Workshops
When it comes to tech awareness, key figures in the education industry like the teaching staff and the administration staff definitely need to be completely aware of how vulnerable the tech around them really is.
Ranger Robot! The future of assisted tasking!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually have a personal robotic assistant?
Happy Birthday to Our beloved COO Ms. Latika Rangaraj
We at Team DIYA would like to present this appreciation post for our dear Chief Executive Officer, Latika Rangaraj Ma’am on account of her Birthday!
India’s First Robotic Wedding – With an interesting twist at the end!
A wedding is a joyful affair that requires a lot of work to be done. And a lot of the work can keep parents and relatives busy with little chance to savor the moment for themselves. However, on 21st November, 2021, marriage ceremonies were changed forever!
INTEL Promotes Diversity in Engineering
In collaboration with INTEL, DIYA Robotics has conducted a workshop for over 100 college-going women where they all had a chance to upskill. By providing quality education in the field of Cyber-security, we are proud to say that we are playing a part in bringing about equal opportunities.
Akshara - DIYA's Animator
Kids tend to get awed by anything and everything because, at their age, their brains always work towards discovering and learning something new every single day. Akshara is one of our most shrewd students, and she loved learning animation from us.
An Animated Animation Student
Looking for the best online animation classes for kids? When choosing an online learning platform, check the testimonials. Video testimonials can be trusted.
Anika – Diya’s Little Animator
Anika is one of our youngest students, our little animator. She enrolled in DIYA’s Budding Animator program and was mentored by Sruthi. Here she is explaining her homework that is a beautiful, picturesque setting of her home.
Charan – DIYA’s Budding Animator
Charan is from the United States of America. He enrolled in DIYA’s Animation & Game Designing Course. He vouches that the course expanded his awareness of how vast animation and AI are as a field.
Naga Rishi – DIYA’s Young Animator
Naga Rishi has been extremely happy with the mentorship provided by Mr. Suhaas, and is grateful for the exposure & experience that DIYA Animation Summer Camp has given him.
Yash Vardhan – Diya’s Illustrious Animator
Yash Vardhan, a 10th grader from Bangalore, enrolled in DIYA’s Animation & Game Designing Course as a first step to realize his dream of taking up a career in the exciting world of gaming!
More Power to Women by Tech Skilling initiative of DIYA-INTEL Collaboration
We are all aware of how our lives are been transformed by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are bringing innovation into our homes and workplaces by controlling everything that is a part of our life.
Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA
Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA