More Power to Women by Tech Skilling initiative of DIYA-INTEL Collaboration

More Power to Women by Tech Skilling initiative of DIYA-INTEL Collaboration

We are all aware of how our lives are been transformed by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are bringing innovation into our homes and workplaces by controlling everything that is a part of our life.

These two Technological developments have an immense growth potential over the years. But this industry too, like many others, is dominated by men. Women form just 22% of the workforce. This imbalance has creating an immense opportunity for more women to enter and grow in this field. They can help bring diversity within the team with their vision and abilities. 

Women need to be encouraged to pursue technology subjects. This will help in reducing the gender gap and eliminating gender bias. Gender equality and women empowerment can be achieved through technology and innovation.

How can women influence this drive? 

The abilities that are required in the field of IoT and AI are natural qualities present in women. They are good at multi-tasking, networking, problem solving, creativity and analysing from a different perspective, which are all a huge part of AI functionality. Their presence will bring innovation and diversity while developing technology to create an impact on everyone in the areas of manufacturing, logistics and education. Women's healthcare is another area where these intrinsic traits in women can be very useful. This is an opportunity for fresh, innovative and ambitious minds with a strong design aesthetic to take up a career in these fields.

How is DIYA making a difference? 

DIYA partnered with an initiative that was curated and driven by INTEL, in successfully conducting a workshop for 100 college girls during which they were trained on IoT and AI, and given live projects to work on. By providing quality education and training to these women, DIYA helped in imparting a great deal of knowledge, improve their thought process, facility discussion, develop leadership skills, adapt best practices and enforced diverse thinking. There are equal opportunities available for everyone in this field and DIYA is helping to drive this initiative by encouraging women to enter into this field. To have the skills that everybody is going to need is going to position them very well for the future.

We at DIYA have designed online robotics courses for kids that will simultaneously engage them as well as introduce them to the online learning methodology, which is here to stay! Visit for more details.