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8 reasons why every child should learn to code
8 reasons why every child should learn to code
Robotics in Education - Advantages, Benefits & Importance for kids
Robotics in Education - Advantages, Benefits & Importance for kids
Best way to learn programming for kids at home
Best way to learn programming for kids at home
Hey, as parents, do you have some doubts about robotics and its nature of learning, and reasonably so.
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Government plans chat bot like Alexa, Google Voice to deliver public services
Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to deliver e-governance services to the public. artificial intelligence-based conversational platform is expected to interact with the public in multiple languages, analyze sentiments and intent, collect and analyze data to give a personalized experience to users.
Machine Learning Is Changing the Future of Software Testing
The majority of software development teams believe they don't test well. They understand that the effect of quality defects is substantial, and they invest heavily in quality assurance, but they still aren't getting the results they want. This is not due to a lack of talent or effort -- the technology supporting software testing is simply not effective. The industry has been underserved.
New FAA Rules Clear Delivery Drones for Takeoff
Final rules governing unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones, were released Monday by the Federal Aviation Administration, a move expected to open the door for delivery of consumer packages by air. The rules establish minimum standards for safety so drones can fly over populated areas and at night, under certain conditions. According to an FAA statement, the rules come at a time when drones represent the fastest-growing segment in the entire transportation sector. Currently there are more than 1.7 million drone registrations and 203,000 FAA-certificated remote pilots, the agency stated. "These final rules carefully address safety, security and privacy concerns while advancing opportunities for innovation and utilization of drone technology," U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao said in the statement. A cornerstone of the new rules is a requirement that drones flying over populated areas include remote identification. "Remote ID is essential to identify the location, altitude, velocity, flight path, and performance characteristics of unmanned drones in public or any airspace," explained L. Nicole France, a principal analyst and vice president at Constellation Research. "That airspace awareness ensures safe operation for other aircraft and people on the ground," she told TechNewsWorld. "It ensures that the FAA, including air traffic control, national security agencies, and local law enforcement can also distinguish compliant aircraft and operations from those that may be dangerous or illegal."
Wireless Controlled Robotic Arm
Robots are soon becoming part of our everyday life. Many activities we come across are now been performed by robots. They are designed and constructed (machines) to perform tasks done traditionally by human beings...
The Inspiration Initiative - Events and Achievements from the DIYA Community
Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA
Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA
More Power to Women by Tech Skilling initiative of DIYA-INTEL Collaboration
We are all aware of how our lives are been transformed by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are bringing innovation into our homes and workplaces by controlling everything that is a part of our life.
Yash Vardhan – Diya’s Illustrious Animator
Yash Vardhan, a 10th grader from Bangalore, enrolled in DIYA’s Animation & Game Designing Course as a first step to realize his dream of taking up a career in the exciting world of gaming!
Naga Rishi – DIYA’s Young Animator
Naga Rishi has been extremely happy with the mentorship provided by Mr. Suhaas, and is grateful for the exposure & experience that DIYA Animation Summer Camp has given him.