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The Rise Of A Tech-Oriented Generation
On Children’s Day 2021, we at DIYA Robotics held a tech presentation contest for all the children who benefit from our online learning platform. We were pleasantly surprised by how well each project was presented, and were impressed with the concept behind each project!
The Benefits of Mentoring Online
There are a lot of benefits to learning online, and that goes both ways. However, just as online learning for children has a massive amount of benefits for the children themselves, it is good to note that it gives mentors some advantages as well. And a good mentor can make for a brilliant student!
Teaching Your Child To Take Initiative
The ability to take the first step is one that some adults have to acquire much later in life. However, helping your child cultivate that ability will help them on their way to success in the future. Taking initiative is easy for children in the beginning but as they grow and communicate they begin to take their cues from their parents.
Interesting career options for kids - Preparing them for an innovative future
Robotics Online Classes for kids in India are booming and it only makes it fair to ensure your child gets the best coaching in robotics. AI, Machine learning, and robotics are going to be the future and it's time to find a coach who exactly understands your child's needs.">
Technology - From Around the World in 100 Words!
Machine Learning Is Changing The Future Of Software Testing
The majority of software development teams believe they do & tested well. They understand that the effect of quality defects is substantial, and they invest heavily in quality assurance, but they still aren't getting the results they want.
"Zoom Fatigue" Is Apparently A Real Thing, And There Are 4 Main Culprits
If you've ever felt utterly drained after a workday, even though your most strenuous physical activity involved smiling through seemingly endless video calls, Stanford researchers now have a name for that feeling: "Zoom fatigue."
Kid Of The Year
A 15-year-old Colorado high school student and young scientist have used artificial intelligence and created apps to tackle contaminated drinking water.
China To Launch Moon Probe
China plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft to the moon this week to bring back lunar rocks in the first attempt by any nation to retrieve samples.
The Inspiration Initiative - Events and Achievements from the DIYA Community
India’s First Robotic Wedding – With an interesting twist at the end!
A wedding is a joyful affair that requires a lot of work to be done. And a lot of the work can keep parents and relatives busy with little chance to savor the moment for themselves. However, on 21st November, 2021, marriage ceremonies were changed forever!
INTEL Promotes Diversity in Engineering
In collaboration with INTEL, DIYA Robotics has conducted a workshop for over 100 college-going women where they all had a chance to upskill. By providing quality education in the field of Cyber-security, we are proud to say that we are playing a part in bringing about equal opportunities.
Akshara - DIYA's Animator
Kids tend to get awed by anything and everything because, at their age, their brains always work towards discovering and learning something new every single day. Akshara is one of our most shrewd students, and she loved learning animation from us.
An Animated Animation Student
Looking for the best online animation classes for kids? When choosing an online learning platform, check the testimonials. Video testimonials can be trusted.