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Delivery drones and not flying cars, the actual reality of last-mile transport solutions
Delivery drones and not flying cars, the actual reality of last-mile transport solutions
The Importance of Nutrition Education
When it comes to physical and mental growth, nutrition is the one thing that our children need the most.
Imagination and creativity – Nurturing Greatness
The imagination of a child is a wonderful place that’s filled with vibrancy and light! It’s the ability of a child to come up with new ideas or think of alternative scenarios.
Forming a healthy parent-child relationship
Being a parent is definitely a LOT of effort. After all, you’re raising a child that’s always coming up with new ideas and not all of them are ideas you should consider executing. It’s difficult to focus on a healthy relationship when we’re always so busy and making sure they keep for themselves.
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Windows 11 gains instant hotspot access via phone link
Microsoft recently announced the availability of a new feature that will provide users with instant access to their smartphone's hotspot via the Phone Link on PC. The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build includes the instant hotspot feature. It enables users to connect to their smartphone's Wi-Fi network securely without touching their phones. However, this feature is currently only available on a limited number of Samsung Galaxy devices. This update also includes a number of other changes, improvements, and fixes.
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Google Cloud Introduces Its Own Node-Hosting Service What Does It Mean for Web3 Developers? With the launch of Blockchain Node Engine in Google Cloud, which hosts and deploys fully managed blockchain nodes in the cloud, Google is making it easier for Web3 developers to start coding distributed blockchain apps.
Facebook's Meta Rebranding
On October 28, Facebook's rebranding to Meta, aimed at establishing the company's stronghold in the Web3 sector, marked a year. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), CEO of the FTX crypto exchange, seized the opportunity to share his thoughts on Facebook's massive overhaul. The crypto tycoon has claimed that Meta's growth has stalled since the rebranding because the social networking giant "has no more room to grow." SBF claims that Meta's attempt to distrac
Xiaomi's CyberOne Robot
As the newest member of Xiaomi's Cyber series, joining last year's quadruped robot Cyberdog, CyberOne is fitted with advanced arms and legs, supports bipedal-motion posture balancing, and reaches a peak torque of up to 300Nm. Also demonstrated was the ability to detect human emotion, advanced vision capabilities, and functionality allowing it to create three-dimensional virtual reconstructions of the real world, alongside a host of other advanced technologies.
The Inspiration Initiative - Events and Achievements from the DIYA Community
The state of Robotics in India
The state of Robotics in India - How is it in celebrating 75 years of excellence and innovation?
UDHAY SHANKAR | The Dream Of Making Children Future Ready!
With every new age comes new knowledge which is then passed down as wisdom. On this Special Occasion, The DIYA Family wishes you all the very best in your future endeavors that encompasses yours and our dreams together!
DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding
DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding
28th February is a day to celebrate a lot of the wonderful science and technology that we have in our daily-life today. However, we at DIYA Robotics felt like the day deserved to be just a little more special. We are setting up DIYA IGNITZ, the international innovation challenge for children.