Who We Are
With the technology trends growing fast, the only thing growing faster is the Industry-Academia divide/ skill gap. Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA), is into Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, Industrial Automation and AI education for school and college students to develop 21st-century skills using an Industry-Oriented Internationally-Certified Curriculum by setting up Centre of Robotics Excellence (CoRE), coupled with a unique TechXploraTion pedagogy. Our models assure a multi-lakh-rupees revenue, without any investment and also ensure the career-readiness of the students. We are building a multi-level partner network, which is our growth strategy, to expand and support customers in B2B, B2B2C and B2C offerings, which includes our internationally certified online coding school, to start an education business at the comfort of home and at convenient time, ensuring a monthly income. We have the unique proposition of offering international certification and immersion programs through our partnerships in UK, US, Singapore and Australia. We are a TAP (Technology, Attitude and Process) driven company, since 2013, ensuring years of customer delight and consistent growth. Professional experience of the team members varies from 2+ years to 30+ years. Proven product, purposeful business model and a passionate team DIYA.
To lay a strong foundation for the pillars of tomorrow in the multi-disciplinary science of robotics by vitalizing the thirst for innovation and igniting the element of invention.
Equip students with futuristic and career-oriented technologies the hands-on way, by setting up internationally certified CoRE(Centre of Robotics Excellence) in schools and colleges to offer year-long, co-curricular programs.
Enable global education and collaboration through our Internationally Certified Online Coding School.
Offer specialized short-term workshops, international technology immersion programs (overseas summer school), extra-curricular STREAM clubs
Provide the platform for Education Entrepreneurship, to the ones aspiring to create an impact and pursue their dreams through our unique partnership models.
Make quality tech education available to those who can’t afford it through our Non-profit, TRY - The Reformer in You, through a volunteer network by creating institutional clubs and CSR partnerships.
The Do It Yourself Academy is aimed at offering a comprehensive LAB (Learn Achieve Become) experience to Learn, understand and implement concepts, to Achieve many a smile as the path is flooded with lights of wisdom and delights of freedom to achieve the unachieved, thereby to Become the platform to realize dreams through innovation and illumination, ultimately fostering socio- economic development.
Team Members
Latika Rangaraj
Udhay Shankar
Business Advisors
Nithya Prabu
Peng Choo
Francis Regan
Varadarajan Sridharan