UDHAY SHANKAR | The Dream Of Making Children Future Ready!

What does it mean to be prepared for the future? It entails understanding how to use technology for good. Since man discovered it, technology has been evolving. So, what is it that keeps some from exploring it and drives the rest to discover its length and breadth? It's simply education.

Gone are the days when children got amused by playing traditional games at home. In the 21st century, kids want what can kindle their minds. And to fuel that hunger, we need more platforms that will let them learn not just something that they really enjoy but also something that has the added advantage of making them build their future and be future-ready.

This is the idea behind DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy). DIYA was started in 2013 by Udhay Shankar to make robotics and coding more accessible to children. It takes time and effort to explain a complicated subject like this to children as young as five, but that's its idea.

Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA) is a world-record-holding school dedicated to preparing children for the future by providing a globally approved, industry-oriented, hands-on robotics and coding curriculum. Do It Yourself Academy (DIYA) specializes in robotics, IoT, 3D printing, industrial automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) instruction for schools and universities, with a distinct TechXploration methodology.

DIYA has collaborated with many established schools to establish a one-of-a-kind Center of Technology Excellence (CoTE) powered by TechXploration methodology and a partnership with Intel in their community outreach initiatives to assist college students in flourishing in their areas of interest.

Now that we know so much about DIYA, how much do we know about its founder and the mastermind behind this platform?

Meet Udhay Shankar, the only Indian recipient of the Young Achiever Award 2020. Udhay earned his BE Instrumentation from PSG Tech in Coimbatore, then specialized in Robotics at The University of South Australia before pursuing Engineering Design at The University of Hull. He received over Rs 14 lakh in awards from Aricent, Accenture, Yahoo, National Instruments, and Texas Instruments during his undergraduate years.

Udhay has worked on real-time projects such as LASER-based manufacturing process automation, IoT-based home automation solutions, SMART wheelchairs, Robotic Manipulators, Robotic Assistants, SCADA-based solar street light automation, and robotic physicians operated by haptic gloves, and many others.

Udhay is an engineer by profession and an educator by passion. There's this drive in him that pushes Udhay to pursue entrepreneurship. Since its inception, DIYA has seen over 20k + kids who have learned from the platform. This is promising data to see how kids of this generation are inclined more towards being future-ready!

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