Ranger Robot! The future of assisted tasking!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually have a personal robotic assistant?

And I am not referring to AI assistants like Siri and Alexa. We’re talking about a full-grown ‘Eva’ from Wall-E!

Well, that is exactly what the team at DIYA was recently tasked to do. Develop an indigenous EVA, that too within just 14 days!

The "Ranger" robot - as we at DIYA named it - was conceived and built at DIYA's R&D labs. An initial prototype was developed and test-launched by integrating it with the other tech exhibits at the "Robo-Tech wedding" of our Founder last month!

The task assigned to the team was to make this "Ranger" Robot useful to humans in real-life situations and also have the capability to handle a lot of other potential applications. With a little help from the students pursuing our courses, the robot frame was fabricated using steel bars and fitted with e-bike motors.

At the wedding event, the "Ranger" Robot was assigned the job of passing around small containers of the "Holy Sacred" rice among the attendees. In doing so, the Ranger had to also maneuver and move around the tables, chairs, and guests spread across the hall.

Our RANGER Robot is fitted with a lithium-ion battery capable of providing an operation time of about 5-6 hours from a range of around 500 meters via Radio Frequency transmission. Taking inspiration from movie characters, the face has LED eyes to make it look very pleasing to the onlookers. The movement of the Robot in different directions happens via an asymmetric-thrust differential drive. Internal components like the motor control module, VESC algorithms, etc were all put together from scratch by our team of in-house experts. 

During the process of developing the RANGER using our students, we realized that there was quite a Skill-Gap between the existing School/ College curriculum and the prevalent Robotic Industry standards. To bridge this, our team at DIYA had an idea. Why not get the students on board this project and personally teach them how to assemble electronic circuitry instead of relying on the traditional theoretical approach. 

Sky's the limit when it comes to the uses of technological advancements and this holds very true in the case of the "RANGER" Robot. For example, during a pandemic-like situation such a robot, powered by AI neural algorithms, can be used in the healthcare sector and quarantine zones for distribution of medicines etc. But it doesn’t just stop there! The live use case scenarios for this kind of robotic technology can range from assisting people with physical disabilities to the industrial work of moving crates/ parts/ tools around the factory floor. The development of the RANGER Robot by DIYA is just a small step in that direction.

Besides, we are proud and happy that this whole process can possibly help our budding talents pave their way into robotic assisted-tasking. Not so science fiction anymore then, as tech can be integrated into our lifestyle and To Make Your Child Future Ready, please visit www.diyalabs.com