Happy Birthday to Our beloved COO Ms. Latika Rangaraj

‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.’   

We at Team DIYA would like to present this appreciation post for our dear Chief Operating Officer, Latika Rangaraj Ma’am on account of her Birthday! She is a very vibrant and cheerful leader who’s got abundant levels of experience in handling the corporate domain! For over 30 years now, she’s been leading the finance sector with an effortless grace that’s innate only to her. She has accumulated crucial experiences across a variety of roles such as Head of Operations, Head of Risk Management, Head of Service Departments at world-leading financial institutions. We wholeheartedly thank our leader of such distinction to be part of our journey in guiding us through thick and thin. She has currently set her sights towards changing the landscape of the Edu-tech domain and has already begun working her magic in the field! As a passionate educationalist, she’s made immeasurable changes in the lives of countless students from all walks of life regardless of their background. 

At DIYA, she helms the marketing, financing and operations along with much more behind-the-scenes activity that goes unnoticed but show up in the least expected of time frames! Critically, with all the information hurtling at her, she manages to prove time and again to delegate us with the best of work suited to the skillset of each employee. This is a prime example of how she paves the way for us as the leader from close quarters despite being miles away, physically. We thank you ma’am for enabling us an opportunity to mould the minds of young beings that’ll let us trickle down the values and standards you’ve set for us. The admiration of you for us, comes from the respectable adoration of the great heights you’ve reached and the bar you’ve set for our professional growth. Despite all this being said, we salute you ma’am not for the awe we have towards your impeccable portfolio but for the elevated humility you’ve exhibited in handling affairs of noteworthy excellence.

Happy Birthday Ma'am.