70% of future jobs will be related to CODING & ROBOTICS
Do you want your child to be FUTURE READY? If yes, we have just the right curriculum that gives a HANDS-ON exposure to Robotics. Our modules are specially designed to nurture and develop all the critical skills necessary to be FUTURE READY!
Take An Active Step To Secure Your Child’s Future
21st Century Skills Through Robotics And IoT
Be part of the internationally certified, industry-oriented experiential learning centre.
Robotics Centre Of Excellence
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Career Focus (With individual attention)
10 Domain of Robotics
Industry Oriented international curriculum
Customized Hands-on- kit
Creation of SOLO (Self organized Learning Enviornment)
ICT through Robotics
Adaptive Skill Assessment Test (ASAT)
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International Certification ensuring global standards of education

Sessions Handled by professional student success mentors

Self paced session focussed on HOTS - Higher Order Thinking Skills, helps improve the attention span, enables quick information processing, better logical thinking and reasoning skills, stronger decision making and improved planning. Thus setting the base not just for academic excellence, but also for a successful future! DIYA has proven 7+ years of excellence in making an international community of children - Future Ready!

DIYA is the recipient of Best Futuristic Education Awarda and Excellence in Robotics Education Award from multiple National School associations and government organizations. Your child will get the best!

We at DIYA provide 1:1 Personalised class. We also provide workshop sessions.

1:1 Personalised module has 3 Levels and each level takes 1 month. Whereas in Workshop module its a 2 weeks program.

We have courses starting from age 5 +, 7 +, 10 +, 14+ . We have Scratch Junior, MIT App Inventor, 3D Printing, IoT, and AI Scratch Programming.