70% of future jobs will be related to CODING & ROBOTICS
Do you want your child to be FUTURE READY? If yes, we have just the right curriculum that gives a HANDS-ON exposure to Robotics. Our modules are specially designed to nurture and develop all the critical skills necessary to be FUTURE READY!
Take An Active Step To Secure Your Child’s Future
21st Century Skills Through Robotics And IoT
Be part of the internationally certified, industry-oriented experiential learning centre.
Centre of Robotics Excellence (CoRE)
International Partnerships
Career Focus (With individual attention)
10 domains of Robotics and Coding
Industry - Oriented International Curriculum
Customised Hands-On Kit
Creation of SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment)
ICT through Robotics and Coding
Adaptive Skill Assessment Test (ASAT)
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