INTEL Promotes Diversity in Engineering

Women in Cybersecurity – An opportunity for YOU

Now is the opportunity for women to take the Cyber-security industry by storm! Why? Because it’s a rapidly-growing space where the distribution of female professionals is simply too low! It’s also a space that’s looking for both talent AND diversity for problem-solving purposes. 

As more and more Startups and fortune 500 companies offer and procure services online, there comes another problem that has become more urgent and apparent than before, hacking. Hacking is no longer just a minor annoyance. It can result in the loss of lakhs or even crores worth of information and has the potential to affect the daily lives of people across the world.

The theft, corruption, erasure, and ransoming of data are on the rise, and any company that doesn’t set up the right defenses could lose everything overnight. That’s why Cybersecurity is of paramount importance!

What’s been going on with Cyber Security?

More and more companies are looking for competent Cybersecurity personnel. There is a rise of over a quarter in the demand for cyberspace-related talents. However, it looks like it’s a professional field that is still with a huge demand, and yet missing a massive chunk in diversity. More and more cybercrimes are being witnessed and an even greater number of hackers are expected to come over the horizon each day. Now is the time for all companies to strengthen their teams in both numbers and in distribution.

Making a Difference: DIYA!

In collaboration with INTEL, DIYA Robotics has conducted a workshop for over 100 college-going women where they all had a chance to upskill. By providing quality education in the field of Cyber-security, we are proud to say that we are playing a part in bringing about equal opportunities.

Our goal is to encourage more women to enter the field of Cyber-security while also ensuring that all those who took our training also received the appropriate soft-skills training and leadership training.

Cyber-security: An opportunity for women!

What are we talking about? We’re talking about the fact that the percentage of women in Cyber-security is below 10%, and despite the incredible growth the industry is about to see in the next few years, it doesn’t look like the distribution will improve if things keep going this way, which is why something needs to change. 

It looks like the problem isn’t that women don’t want to enter the field, but rather that the selection process only brings in members from candidate pools where the majority of the population happens to be male. However, organizations are starting to see the value in diversity, as different people offer different view-points and can offer information on different potential vulnerabilities. This is something a single group or a group with incomplete diversity will have to face eventually given the growing scope for cybercrime and the inability of most governments and courts to keep up with the same.

Looking for talent in the right place!

Most professionals in the field have either acquired the skills by learning online or have simply taught themselves through books. Such professionals cannot be found by just looking for talent in colleges, and this is something many employers are beginning to realise.

The current projections don’t show a massive growth rate in the ratio of women in Cyber-security even by 2025, but that can definitely change now that many organizations have realised they need to look in other places for the talent they need. Now is the time for students to start to learn new skills or upskill if they wish to step into a new and lucrative realm of opportunity, Cyber-security. Just go to to get a head-start on your future!