The state of Robotics in India

The state of Robotics in India - How is it in celebrating 75 years of excellence and innovation?

75 glorious years of independence and development, India seems to be hardly resting when it comes to running the race of becoming a game changer and to set the right example world wide. “India is one of the strongest growing economies among the emerging markets in Asia,” says Junji Tsuda, President of the International Federation of Robotics.

There are some really amazing and great innovations in robotics and AI. Some of the greatest achievements from India are:

  • Kempa

  • Manav 

  • Shalu

  • RoboCop

  • Sandy

  • Daksha

China has been the lead player in Robotics for years to come now according to the International Robotics Federation. This is followed by South Korea, Japan, and the USA. If it is to be said that India has taken over one of these countries in at least one of the fields in robotics, then it is Indian IT and the drug industry.

GreyOrange, Sastra Robotics India, I2U2 Robots are some of the change making companies in India. While we are trying our best to stand as a global competition, there are various aspects that are hindering us. For instance, 

  • Lack of hardware ecosystem

  • Less incentives and investments

  • Difficulty in finding investment

  • Lack of knowledge and awareness

Having said that, as a country when we are excelling in so many levels in so many industries it is important to find the least tapped opportunities in robotics as well. And the change or shift in mindset starts here, with parents and children.

With kids opting for robotic courses and parents encouraging, it becomes more viable for industries to set world standards. The future is bright. As more of the younger generations take over robotics as a subject and explore into innovation, it does look like we can soon become a world leader.

With just the right kind of guidance and support, this is possible. While India is striving to achieve hard in many sectors, Robotics still seems to be lacking one.