DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding

DIYA Labs Summer camp for robotics and coding 

For children who want to take their first steps in robotics, the DIYA Labs Robotics Summer Camp is a great place to start because it gives them the time and space to study the fundamentals and construct robots hands-on.  

Moreover, in a robotics camp or program, kids and teens can learn about artificial intelligence, visual coding, and machine learning while having fun. Children and teenagers are often given specific tasks with their robots as part of the programs. This is a low-cost approach to getting your kids interested in robotics.  

As a parent, you can help your child learn how to build robots at home, thanks to DIYA Labs. Learn-Do-Review focuses on hands-on learning while teaching them about their underlying technology. Quizzes keep them thinking and asking pertinent questions. Our robotics summer camps are designed to provide your child with a strong foundation in robotics.

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Wheeled Robot 

Learning wheel robots from DIYA LABS should allow students to Learn about mobile robotic systems' algorithms, mathematical models, and computational and motion control methods. Master state measurement, navigation, and localization sensor systems. Moreover, the course helps recognize and analyze basic mechanical and electrical systems used by robots. Develop fundamental mobile robotic systems.


DIYA's BiPed Botanist is a unique and interactive kit designed to pique young innovators' curiosity! This kit includes a ready-to-assemble 3D printed BiPed bot body and all necessary electronic modules. Once constructed, you may learn how to code a bot to walk, sense touch inputs, detect obstacles, and feel emotions! The Arduino board can show messages in the LED matrix! A global community continuously develops this bot's outreach and learning activities. Join the team and learn to code the entertaining way!

Electronics in daily life

The Electro tinkerer kit from DIYA is aimed to teach students through real-world examples how various electronic applications work. They will learn about the inner workings of many technology programs they use daily. This course's activities allow students to create completely functional models of any modern electronic application. Among the projects, they'll be working on are automatic street lights, burglar alarms, and electronic keyboards. More engaging tasks range from simple to wholly automated school system circuit building. They'll gain problem-solving abilities, creativity, and information to prepare them for the future.


Moreover, Summer 2022 in-person camp registration is now open! Hands-on STEM magic and campus exploration are just a few things we can't wait to share with the next generation of students. Register now for the world's most popular technology camp for children and young adults aged 7-18. To learn more about the camp, please get in touch with Mr. Bala at the following number: +91 95959 18000, or go to the website at