Akshara - DIYA's Animator

Kids tend to get awed by anything and everything because, at their age, their brains always work towards discovering and learning something new every single day. Akshara is one of our most shrewd students, and she loved learning animation from us. Akshara loved anime characters. She only wished that the characters were moving and talking to her. This was made possible with DIYA. Akshara's parents saw the zeal in her and enrolled her in DIYA's animation course. 

Animation in itself is a tricky art and we wanted to put it in as simple terms as possible to Akshara. Akshara's parents told us how interested she was in character animation, and we wanted to know nothing more than that to understand her interest in the subject.

We gave her the most simplified learning structure and hands-on training that helped her understand the basics of animation with ease. DIYA's animation course for kids is structured based on an open-source programming language Scratch developed by MIT. This language is used in more than 150 countries and is available in more than 60 languages. We taught Akshara how to focus on the animation using simple and easy-to-learn tools.

While it was a bit challenging in the beginning, her mentor Mr. Ebenezer made sure she understood the concepts very well that helped her do her assignments creatively. The best part was the happiness she had when she was finally making her characters move and talk. She has also developed other essential skills like creative thinking, communication, and other interpersonal skills.

She loved exploring this new skill, and the testimonial is all that we could ask for to know how fun and exciting her learning journey was. We are excited to see what wonders Akshara can create with her animation knowledge.

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