An Animated Animation Student

Student name: Ruhin 

Course name: Animation 

Mentor: Visalakshi

Children thrive exceptionally well when they receive proper care and attention during their learning process. This is also the case for one of our most favorite and vibrant students… Ruhin. When Ruhin’s parents first realized she had a gift for creativity, they decided to help her along the way by looking up the right education she could use. No normal educational platform would do for their special little girl; they wanted a course that would give her the 1-on-1 attention she deserves! And at the end of their search… They found DIYA and our phenomenal courses and learning tools. 

When they found DIYA and introduced Ruhin to her new online mentor Visalakshi, we aren’t sure who was more excited about the course, Ruhin or her parents! We’re happy to say that Visalakshi is an excellent mentor who always made sure that while Ruhin was learning everything she needed to know about Animation, she also had fun! 

Of course, the start was challenging as Visalakshi still needed to gain Ruhin’s trust and become her friend through the learning process. However, Ruhin got into the flow of the new routine phenomenally easily and was able to start using the learning tools and the coding platform provided almost instantly.

Her weekly assignments and the curriculum, coupled with Visalakshi’s own cool and collected method of teaching enabled Ruhin to master the basics of Animation in no time. In just a couple of weeks she started to bring her own projects to life! 

This testimonial from Ruhin does more than just tell us she and her parents are happy with her newfound skills, it also makes our very own Visalakshi beam with pride at Ruhin’s achievements! 

We thank Ruhin and her family for their testimonial and look forward to seeing Ruhin take the world by storm even before she becomes an adult!

While Ruhin looks forward to her next animation masterpiece, Visalakshi will be helping her scale to bigger projects as she takes the advanced courses! 

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