SummerCamp for Kids


The best way of learning is by doing! This course is designed to enable creativity and innovation using a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach. As Children build electronics projects and sequentially program controllers to enable decision-making along with user interaction, they understand how real-world machines work and are motivated to build their own! All while adding their touch to make it better. 


Robots are becoming a part of our daily life from simple floor cleaning robots to making our same-day deliveries possible through the automated warehouse. There are multiple applications of wheeled and automated robots ranging from patient support to defense, making things safe, simple and ensuring speed. In this course, students will build practical applications of Robots helping us in various walks of life and building futuristic industries.


“ Expression is the best form of Knowledge! The fun and hands-on way to learn coding, through a proven graphical user interface based on Scratch by MIT, USA. Students will focus on animation & game making using simple tools, which are used in 40+ Countries , all while strengthening their coding fundamentals to create interactive projects and bring their imagination and conceptual learning to life ! As the next step, students will make decisions using sensor data to stimulate robot movement in a  virtual environment!”


We are in times where our mobile phones are atleast 32,600 times powerful than the best computers that guided Apollo Spacecraft to the moon! Powered by the latest technology, mobile appshave become so sophisticated that we can run billion dollar businesses just by using our phones. In the digital era, where apps are valued at millions and billions in months , students are given a strong foundation to develop their own variety of customer-centric , use case specific android apps ranging from productivity to entertainment and test them.

Bi-Ped Botists

Hi! I’m OTTO! I’m an interactive programmable robot! I’m structured Around a Bi-ped design wherein I have two legs for animation. Building on It, I now have hands, an LED matrix, Bluetooth and other additional features. You can make me walk, talk, dance, avoid obstacles, feel emotions and make gestures among a myriad of other programmable  Functionalities 

Artificial Intelligence

Starting from Google Assistant to humanoid robots, AI is enabling machines to think like humans to reduce mundane tasks and improve efficiency, from following commands through a simple speech recognition algorithm to decision-making based on image recognition, students will develop programs putting AI to Use in real-world Applications. The program will get students started with game design to get interaction systems, and there on deploy AI algorithms to enable intelligent decision-making and ensure pleasing use  engagements