IGNITZ: A Children's Day Event
A Children's Day Event where the students can showcase their innovative skills


A spark to your imagination

We constantly say at D.I.Y.A "Every brilliant experiment, like every great piece of art, begins with an act of imagination,". A child's world is full of surprise and imagination because it is fresh, new, and lovely. We invoke the hidden potential with our occasional expos. This time,  we've come up to ignite a flame in your imagination. With IGNITZ 2K23, we hope to make this Children's Day month more exciting for you.

Are you an explorer of science? Do you know how to build a robot? Do you ever fantasize about building something amazing out of the science around us? Then IGNITZ 2K23 invites you to participate in this online project exhibition. This platform allows you to exhibit your innovative abilities by developing a robot or science project.

Come on, people! Why wait? Enroll in IGNITZ 2K23 and compete for great rewards with your fantastic inventions.

What exactly is IGNITZ 2K23?

This year's IGNITZ 2K23 is an online project exhibition for children under the age of 16, organized by DIYA Robotics lab on the eve of Children's Day.

Who can participate?

All students are eligible to participate in this event and the students are categorized based on their grades. We have two groups.

Group A: 3, 4, 5.

Group B: 6, 7, 8, 9.

Team Size: An individual project or a group of three members is allowed. 

What projects are accepted?

Just make a video of your innovation on Robotics, coding, or any other branch of science.

How to participate?

Entries or registrations are accepted only online mode at https://zfrmz.in/TC806nhTKbDjAcJHhJT5 from 30 October 2023 to 30 November 2023. 

No registration fee is required. It’s completely free. 

The project video should be a short video of 60- 120 seconds describing yourself and the project and its output. 

Submit the project video through the form provided on the website. Project videos submitted through the above link are only accepted. 

Winners will be awarded exciting prizes and e -e-certificates. 

The best three projects are selected among the received projects and the winners are declared on the website on 05 December 2023.

The first best project winner receives a robot kit worth 10000/-

The second-best project winner receives a robot kit with 5000/-

The third best project video receives a prize worth 2500/-

The jury’s decision is final in choosing the best three projects. No further request for reconsideration is entertained. 

All participants will receive the e-participation certificate.

Things you should keep in your mind:

  • Projects are to be submitted online in the form of videos. Students are encouraged to make projects on Robotics, coding, or any other branch of science. 

  • The project video should be the work of the student. Parents and well-wishers are to provide only necessary guidelines, encouragement, and constructive criticism.

  • Timeline of registration of the project: 30 October 2023 - 30 November 2023.

  • Duration of the project video: 60-120 seconds.

  • The project should be explained in English only in the video. 

  • Students are advised to be diligent and prudent while recording the video. Make sure there is no background noise. 

  • The project video name should be the title of the project.

  • Hazardous materials are not encouraged to be used in the project. 

For further assistance regarding the event, please contact the event coordinator Ms. Priya Sadasivan. Contact number: +91 93459 46998