Animation & Artificial Intelligence
Cognimates is an AI platform that allows to program robots, training of AI models by using block-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab.

AI Gusto    

Starting from google assistant to humanoid robots, AI is enabling machines to think like humans to reduce mundane tasks and improve efficiency. From following commands through a simple speech recognition algorithm to decision-making based on image recognition, students will develop programs putting AI to use in real-world applications. This program will get students started with interaction design to get started with coding and learning AI implementation structures, there-on deploy AI applications to enable intelligent decision making and ensure pleasing user engagement.

Diya Senthil - Shares her experience on DIYA's Code School

DIYA's online Code School is about bringing out the creativity and critical thinking in children as they build games and bring stories alive. The end result is children become self-directed learners! We don't stop just there . 

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Ms. Priya Sadasivan

We have been calling my son brainy guy from childhood but then thanks to DIYA's amazing programs. He has learned some amazing tools and platform which has helped him in achieving Multiple National Awards and got recognized by Dr. Kiran Bedi.

Ms. Varsha Aswani

I am Priya Sadasivan. I enrolled my daughter Diya Senthil studying in 5th grade. They help the child become an independent learner and a strong creator. I liked their international teaching curriculum. It was more of an introduction to Coding in a way kids can understand.