Animation Design & Robot Simulation
Scratch is a free programming language developed by MIT that makes it easy to create interactive stories, animations, games, music and art.


Expression is the best form of knowledge! This course presents the fun and hands-on way to learn coding, through a proven graphical user interface based on Scratch by MIT, USA. Students will focus on animation and game making using simple tools, which are used in 40+ countries, all while strengthening their coding fundamentals to create interactive projects and bring their imagination and conceptual learning to life! As the next step, students make decisions using user inputs and create a flow of interaction, enabling engagement and making possibilities for multiple real-time scenarios.

DIYA-Ventor testimonial | Our Champ Naga Rishi | Student at DIYA Robotics

Meet our champ and young coder from Hyderabad. He completed the Animation Summer Camp successfully with DIYA. He is now internationally certified in Animation! Learn to Animate in the simplest way possible. . . Join DIYA's programs and get mentored by world-class mentors.    

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Parents Speak

Ms. Varsha Aswani

We have been calling my son brainy guy from childhood but then thanks to DIYA's amazing programs. He has learned some amazing tools and platform which has helped him in achieving Multiple National Awards and got recognized by Dr. Kiran Bedi.

Ms. Priya Sadasivan

I am Priya Sadasivan. I enrolled my daughter Diya Senthil studying in 5th grade. They help the child become an independent learner and a strong creator. I liked their international teaching curriculum. It was more of an introduction to Coding in a way kids can understand.