The Value Of Comparing Training Methodology

At Caprice Learning Labs, there was a convention for Preschool owners to discuss a problem that was becoming more prominent. Steps are needed to be taken immediately or we would have to risk our children’s education and mental health. 

Would their education have to start late?

How will their lack of social interaction affect their development?

Will teachers and students remain safe?

How can we make the classroom safer?

Should we move to digital classrooms?

These and many more such questions were on the minds of many seasoned veterans from the education industry. 

Is our Future at stake? YES!

The pandemic had disrupted the system that students relied on, and this was affecting the younger children the most, as the educational system they would be inducted into is currently in a state of flux. This also touched upon the need for monitoring mental health in young children so as to minimize the impact of any factors that would affect mental health.

Something HAD to be done

And so, on the 18th of Dec, Owners of preschools from across the region came together at Caprice Learning Labs, SM Towers, Perungudi for a forum. Discussions were underway to see how they could rectify the problems a child could face due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. 

Each solution was a wonder to behold

Pre-schools were already rushing to make sure all the students were able to cope as much as possible. However, they needed to establish new standards and practices to ensure students were able to grow mentally and socially while still in the safety of their homes. However, the framework needed to establish such a thing would take time. 

Something is ALREADY being done

While all Pre-school Owners were trying to come up with new solutions for children’s growth through their facilities, we at DIYA Robotics had the opportunity to present an existing framework that is capable of helping children learn, socialize, and grow. 

Their one-on-one online learning sessions are excellent for their mental well being, in order to let the children grow under the right guidance. 

The technology they needed was quite basic in the sense that even a tablet or a smartphone would do. 

Even the online learning tools used by DIYA Robotics were focused on DIY to keep the children engaged while they learned. 

The “Do-It-Yourself” methodology DIYA Robotics employs has allowed the children involved to improve their base knowledge, their execution skills, their problem-solving skills, and their independent thinking ability. 

The online classes carried out by DIYA Robotics’ mentors involve coding, animation, AI, 3D Printing, and more! These are all vital skills that the children will also be able to apply to their careers in the future.

We are personally thrilled that we are able to provide a platform for children everywhere to learn and grow with just the most basic of tech at their fingertips. Are you hoping to give your child the finest in education despite this troubling time? Then register with to avail a free online session worth Rs.750 and help your child get started in a fun and engaging way!