The Rise Of A Tech-Oriented Generation

On Children’s Day 2021, we at DIYA Robotics held a tech presentation contest for all the children who benefit from our online learning platform. We were pleasantly surprised by how well each project was presented and was impressed with the concept behind each project! We had a lot of entries and it took our judges a lot of deliberation to come up with the top ten projects that made it to the finals. Here are some of the phenomenal projects we got to see!

The winners were decided by voting for the best project, so it was an amazing thing to see the competition proceed with the utmost honesty in order to ensure the best results. The selection was very close and was quite hard for the judges, who simply wanted to give them all a resounding round of applause. 


Kaushik took tech to the next level with his project. He created a simulation where a digital pencil would be able to follow the movement of a human hand! Kaushik has already started thinking of technologies that are only still in their infancy, we can’t wait to see what he achieves if he chooses this path. We got to see his technology in all its splendour and are delighted by the results. His mind-blowing project and the dedication he put in it have earned him the rightful spot as the victor.

Tech finalist 1: Ananthya

Ananthya was raring to go the moment the session began, and her confidence was definitely well-founded. Her coding skills have developed to the point where she is able to create her own movie quizzes! Watching her walk us through two of her quizzes (one for Coco and one for Frozen) was a delightful experience! We would love to try one of them ourselves.

Tech finalist 2: Anika

Anika’s Robot Simulation brought out a whole new meaning to the term “Vocal Presentation”, where her Robot (Name: Crystal) was programmed to take on her voice. The robot then went on to give a wonderful rendition of the Alphabet song in Anika’s own voice! She then proceeded to tell us all about black holes as a great way to wrap up her performance.

Tech Finalist 3: Jai N Thakur

Being our resident AI whiz, Jai N Thakur was incredibly happy to show us all his new Artificial Intelligence project, where he was able to set up an AI that is able to identify whether we’re wearing a mask the moment we appear before the camera. The scope for this technology is phenomenal!

Tech Finalist 4: Sanjeev

Sanjeev is clearly a lover of games, and his Game Design Project really shows the effort he’s put into it. Any gamer can see the painstakingly created elements and the multiple levels of difficulty he has set up just so the game will be playable and challenging. We know a few avid gamers who would love the chance to try this out.

Tech Finalist 5: Sree Mugli Vel. S

Sree Mugli Vel has taken his electronics lessons to heart and walks us through exactly what he’s about to do when he places the elements on the board to connect them. His project and its execution show a first-rate understanding of the basics of electronics and what drives our computers today.

Tech Finalist 6: Tavish

Tavish brought together some of his favourite tunes to create a digital DJ! His “DJ Cat” takes in commands based on the keys pressed and will play the corresponding tune accordingly. The creativity and inception are absolutely phenomenal. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

Tech Finalist 7: Goutam

Goutam is one who is not afraid to let his left brain take over when it comes to creating projects. His python code lets him identify the average of any group of numbers. Give him enough time and he could be the one who creates the base for a new generation of advanced communication devices! We can see the true implications that lay before us in his code: His potential to grow even further.

Tech Finalist 8: Avighnaa

Avighnaa’s app development skills are simply stellar! She presented to us her brand-new creation: The Study App. Her goal was to create an educational app that doesn’t just help one study for school, but also study whatever they want! In addition to having the files you need, the study app also functions as a total package, designed to help us relax and unwind in between sessions while also teaching us how we can handle our exams. This isn’t your normal education app, it’s a study companion app that even tracks how long you’re studying.

Every child came forward with an amazing assignment that we simply could not look away from. Kaushik’s victory was phenomenal, and we’re sure that the other finalists are motivated to work even harder thanks to his contest. We at DIYA Robotics look forward to the next competition where more children will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity through their assignments.