The Benefits of Mentoring Online

There are a lot of benefits to learning online, and that goes both ways. However, just as online learning for children has a massive amount of benefits for the children themselves, it is good to note that it gives mentors some advantages as well. And a good mentor can make for a brilliant student!

Flexible schedules

In classrooms, many students don’t always notice that their teachers are also on a schedule of classes. The truth is that in a classroom setting, the teachers are just as constrained by the school bell as the students are. The only difference is that the students have to listen, while the teacher has to expend their energy as they impart the knowledge they wish to teach. However this is not the case with online learning. Mentors and students are able to arrive upon a time that works for both of them. And in one-on-one sessions, this kind of flexible scheduling makes it easy for both students and Mentors to have a healthy balance between work and life. 

Easier communication

The fact of the matter is that blackboards and chalk are great educational tools for their time, but are ill-equipped to help children survive in a world filled with technology. Today’s online learning is more than just an online video call. It uses a sophisticated online learning platform for children and comes with tools that a child can interface with. This, combined with the one-to-one nature of each session makes it much easier for a mentor to guide a child the right way. 

Also, it’s a lot easier to reach a mentor now as they no longer have to be in a classroom and can be reached anywhere they go as long as they’ve got a device and a quiet place to conduct the session. 

A more effective, safer lesson

Online courses are designed to help children develop skills they can use in the future. Course providers like DIYA Robotics are capable of offering online robotics and electronics courses for kids, online animation courses for kids, AI Courses, App Development, and we offer some of the best coding classes in India. We take a step beyond the call of duty when it comes to education; we offer personalized mentoring. We are able to ensure children get the guidance and attention they need to grow. The children are also much more engaged now because they are the ones handling the tools as the mentor looks on and gently guides them where needed. 

Online learning isn’t just the future, it’s also the present! It’s specifically designed to help children learn while not putting pressure on them to do so. It lets them discover their skills for themselves as they have fun using the tools they see as really cool toys. Are you considering a future in mentoring? Or is your child in need of an uplifting online course?

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