BLOG - Get Your 21st Century Skills On Tips!
Research indicates that brain development occurs in phases through certain windows of opportunity. But there are also certain parts of the brain that develop quicker than the others. This is also the best time to begin teaching them the basic concepts of AI, Robotics, and other smart technology that are predicted to stand out in the near future
We are now in Dubai & Malaysia!!
We did it! When the lockdown was first announced, none of us expected it to extend for more than 2 months. Yet we at DIYA had envisioned that irrespective of the eventual number of days of lockdown, there would be a sea change in the way school/college level pedagogy would be conducted. And we were right!
Evolution in Education
A widely known and accepted fact is that technology in education is bringing in transformational change in the outlook of children, and for the better. Technology is everywhere and in order to adequately prepare students and to equip them well for the jobs of the future, it is imperative that they acquire and imbibe necessary technological skills.
Yes, Your 7 year old can learn Coding!
Hey parents! We all know that children these days are far more tech-savvy than us and show tremendous proficiency in computer games, cell phone apps, making home videos on tablets, and generally mastering different skills on various gizmos and gadgets, from a very early age