Teaching Your Child To Take Initiative

The ability to take the first step is one that some adults have to acquire much later in life. However, helping your child cultivate that ability will help them on their way to success in the future. Taking initiative is easy for children in the beginning but as they grow and communicate they begin to take their cues from their parents. 

Taking initiative is a big deal in any field of work as it’s something that requires a lot of confidence. Developing your child’s confidence will help them stay driven and focused on what they want to achieve. 

Letting your child make choices

Deciding for oneself is more than just about being decisive, it’s about fortifying one’s own identity as well. Let your child decide between study and play. Of course, the choices are meant to let them take control of their time, not skip out on homework. So just let them choose what comes first, with the promise that the other will come later. This exercise can be done throughout the day with various things your child is interested in. 

Landing the helicopter

We all love our children and definitely do not want them getting injured or traumatized at such a young age. But it’s also important that they learn to be independent. To do this, one needs to know how to handle themselves alone. Just let your child see if they can solve problems or have conversations themselves. And if it seems like they’re struggling, give them a minute longer before going forward to help them. 

Creating Responsibility

Taking initiative is one thing, but that also needs to be tempered with responsibility if we want to make sure they’re able to see things through once they’ve started. Establish a dialogue and come up with a plan about what your child can help with around the house. It should be a list you both can agree on to ensure that your child is better-inclined to do them every day. Make sure they understand that they should do the agreed-upon tasks every day.

An Ideal Solution

A good way to do this is to enroll them in a one-to-one online course in Robotics, Animation, or a few other courses. The mentors are able to help the child use the learning tools provided and then let them handle them on their own for the most part. They prioritize offering guidance by gently nudging them in the right direction as they progress through each session. 

One of the most vital factors involved in your child’s development will be positive reinforcement. Rewarding or acknowledging positive efforts made by your child will make them want to succeed. This is also followed in our online courses for kids where parents will be asked to watch as their child presents their assignments to them and their mentor.

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