Taking bionic parts to a whole new level!

Taking bionic parts to a whole new level!

How far can we go when it comes to experimenting with bionic parts? For those who don’t know what bionic parts are, they are the replacement and enhancement of organs in the body. This is done by replacing the parts with mechanical versions. They are so much different from prostheses because the bionic parts are much more accurate in mimicking the actual function of the body.

Looks more like a Velociraptor

Retinal implants, fingers, and cochlear implants are some of the examples. Having said that, the bionic parts have taken a whole new and crazier turn as researchers create a new artificial biomimicry tail prototype. Researchers at the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design in Tokyo, Japan, came up with a prototype of this robo-appendage. According to the studies, the bionic tail’s main function is to help in creating a balance for the wearer. It is also designed to receive haptic feedback. It works by creating a balanced counterweight to cancel any unwanted shifts while in motion. 

So, where does the inspiration come from?

This bionic tail is inspired by a seahorse. According to a YouTube video that talks about this bionic tail, “The seahorse tail design is useful because it can handle “a high amount of forces compared to [a] body’s size.” What do you think of this? Would you try it on if you were to?