Interesting career options for kids - Preparing them for an innovative future

A parent’s primary motive is to make sure their child settles well. That’s why even before they are born, many parents decide on a lot of things just to make sure there is enough protection for them. In India, many parents still think and consider it their right to define their child’s career path. So what happens when kids are forced to learn something that does not interest them?

Firstly, to shine in a career, one needs to get inspired. One has to be very much ready to face any battle they might encounter in that journey. But what happens many times is that they are forced and anything out of force does not bear good results. So, this blog is for parents to expand their thoughts about career choices. 

Gone are the days when medicine and engineering were considered the only options. In this new age of technology and innovation, there are tremendous opportunities out there. Let’s check out some of the least explored career options that in reality have great potential.

Toy Designer - If you know that your child has a keen interest in toys don’t stop them from exploring that interest. We all have heard of fashion designers and interior designers. What about toy designers? Toys are the most profitable businesses in the world due to the growing population that is there. As a toy designer one can explore working with some of the best toy brands in the world Lego, Hamley’s, and others. Not failing to mention that the job pays off so very well!

Ethical Hacking - If your child seems to be good at coding and understanding patterns and numbers well, then you must encourage them to try out ethical hacking as they grow up. Ethical hackers are recruited by companies for various security purposes. Cracking passwords, unlocking locked patterns, are some of the things to explore. You can enroll your child in programming and coding classes at a young age that will help them understand this field better.

Museum Studies - Does your child love artifacts and dinosaurs? No joking! They can find a very creative job. Museum studies are understanding, studying, and managing museums in a city. It could even be in other foreign lands where the scope is so much more. The importance of museums can never be undermined.

Robotics - Robots and machines are the future. We are already surrounded by so many machines and with no doubt there will come many more that will ease human work and intervention in manual tasks. Robotics can be taught to kids from a very young age, as young as 6 years. They will go on to learn the subject with great interest and zeal. So find a perfect coding and robotics course to enroll your child.

Carpet Technology - Sounds out of the blue? It does but hey! We all love carpets to decor our home. It is an art and is done by very few around the world. It will also be that you are encouraging your child to learn a dying art. If you did not know, there is actually a university for this in India - the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh. If your child loves art and patterns, then this is something you can ask them to explore.

There are very few of so many other opportunities out there that are unexplored. The world is vast and so is your child’s imagination. There is no interest that cannot be turned to profession. Even coffee tasting is a profession if you did not know. So sit with your child and understand what really interests them. In a world full of engineers and doctors, make them stand out differently. Let them be a rare breed!

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