PYTHON: The New Age of Coding

Our brain is like a muscle; it shrinks without exercise. In this article, I will tell you what to do to tire your mind a bit and build intellectual muscles instead of mindlessly scrolling on your smartphone. Get brain-fit with Python!

Learning new things is always a good idea. But some choices are better for us than others. Take coding for example. Do you know that when you learn Python, you exercise your brain to level up?

Seriously, it's like grinding in an RPG. After doing a few EXERCISES, you may see an improvement in your "thinking." So, start learning Python! It makes you smarter.

Don't believe me? Consider the following:

  • Learning is good for you.

  • Learning new languages is good for you.

  • Learning to code is good for you.

Do you know how you can combine these mind- and body-developing actions? By learning Python, of course!

Learning Python helps you in many ways. So, let's see how it benefits you.

Why Should You Learn Python?

Here are a few points to get you going:

  1. It boosts your career. If you have the skill to code in Python, you instantly level up as a professional.

  2. A lot of value, none of the cost. You get a variety of benefits from learning Python. The investment you need to make is some time and determination. But the return on the investment is a sweet percentage!

  3. Python is sought after by employers. Annual reports state employers are looking for people who know how to code in Python. It's been on top of the most sought-after skills for years now.

  4. You make more money. With great power comes a nice income. This is also shown in industry reports.

Learning Python is like a good workout and a healthy meal for your brain. It keeps you healthy and makes you smarter. And that's backed up by science.What are you waiting for? Do your brain a favor and learn some Python!