Imagination and creativity – Nurturing Greatness

The imagination of a child is a wonderful place that’s filled with vibrancy and light! It’s the ability of a child to come up with new ideas or think of alternative scenarios. To the child’s eye, imagination can turn even a normal cardboard box into a spectacular spaceship! It doesn’t just have to be one thing, imagination can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And if you look at what we as humans have done so far, you can agree that we’ve turned what was once ordinary to us, into an extraordinary world of technology. 

Children will make even better use of their imagination. In their minds, imagination is far more pronounced and helps them enjoy themselves and grow even while playing. However, Imagination also has a very powerful result when used properly or when given a more constructive outlet. 

Imagination is the basis of creativity

Imagination allows children to see a single problem or event in many ways and can help them in both logical and social situations. However, imagination is also something that needs to be trained. Why? Because Imagination is what augments our creativity. The ability to come up with unique ideas and solutions will require a lot of imagination to see it come true. To this end, it is highly recommended that we nurture a child’s creativity. 

How can we nurture creativity?

There are many ways to do it and children tend to do it proactively! All we need to do is help them along. 

  • Let them tell you their made-up stories, it’s a part of their imagination! 

  • Let them do their thing, it’s okay if they get a little messy as long as they don’t get hurt!

  • Let them create what they want to create; you just might be surprised!

  • Share your own stories with them, give them more material.

  • Let them play with whatever you don’t need. If they want it and you’re not using it, let them have it if it’s safe!

Creativity is a wonderful thing, and the world definitely needs more of it. It’s a trait that’s desperately needed across the globe in nearly every industry. The ability to innovate and create new solutions based on outlandish ideas is what got humanity this far. Now, all we need to do is to make sure our children can do the same. 

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