Welcome to an enticing world of robotics

With all the talk we converse about robotics, we realized that we definitely needed to walk the walk after talking up such a big game. So we went all-out in Brownstone Apartments at Nungambakkam, Chennai, India. So, what did we do? We took every model of a robot we ever made and coded them to serve a specific purpose. 

What was the goal?

On 19th December 2021, we decided to showcase just how amazing modern robotics really is. And even more than that, we wanted to showcase just how well children can code robots themselves. So, we advertised the event by letting one of our Ranger Robots go around the premises and announce the event. Most of the Ranger Bots we used for the event were actually coded and controlled by children, showing the world what our young minds are capable of; far more than we believe!. 

Adults got to see some amazing things too!

Even adults were mesmerized by the sight of children being able to operate robots, and those weren’t the only robots there either! We had programmed a whole range of custom-built models with unique coding that could each perform a unique function. The adults got to see some amazing models like 

  •  The Ranger robot

  • Otto 

  • Otto Lee

  • Arm robot

  • IoT based switching devices

  • Electro-Tinkerer

  • Wheel Robot

More than fun and games…

In addition to showing both children and adults the wonders of modern robotics, we also had an expert who could explain how and why each robot was conceived and the way its purpose has evolved over time. 

And while that was happening, we also conducted a short yet informative workshop for children in an effort to show them what they could do in the realm of Animation and Artificial Intelligence. It warms our hearts to know that such bright minds will soon be leading us into a wonderful future!

Do you believe your child will absolutely love being able to work with a robot like this? If not, get ready to be surprised by some of the amazing things they are capable of doing just by being themselves and applying their minds to an engaging online learning session. That kind of phenomenal one-on-one education is just what we at DIYA Robotics specialize in. So if you’re looking for online coding classes, online animation classes, online AI classes, or more, then feel free to register at www.diyalabs.com to avail a free online session for you and your child worth over Rs. 750.