Best way to learn programming for kids at home

Best way to learn programming for kids at home

Coding is an essential skill of the future as technology is here to stay and be very much part of our lives. Tech and automation require children to learn coding as a basic valuable skill. We at DIYA strongly believe that Coding is the next revolution. If we wish to help our children be future ready, they need to be introduced to coding and concepts of coding early, as developmentally, a younger child can absorb new concepts much faster and easier than a grown adult. Here are a few fun ways to make coding interesting for kids and can be learned from the comfort of home too. 

Introducing your kids to block programming for coding where cumbersome lines of code are replaced with a simple drag drop of blocks that use logical problem-solving methods, enabling the child to understand the concepts of problem solving and workflow in a play method. Examples of such programs are Scratch, Snap, and Code Monkey. 

Once the child is old enough to start with text-based computer programming languages, they can be slowly introduced to HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript and more.

Kids programming games

Keeping in mind what is the preference of the current student group (5 – 17/20 yrs), coding games are also a great option to introduce coding to children. Not all games are played just for fun and entertainment. Roblox, Minecraft, Tynker, Hopscotch, and Goldiebox are all great games that teach children coding concepts in a fun way.

STEM toys for kids

STEM toys also help in developing the skills that are required for coding including problem solving, workflow, process flow, logical reasoning and more. Games like puzzles, LittleCodr – Card game, Think and Learn Code-a-pillar (a game that enables a child to understand importance of routines and planning meals for the caterpillar, ROBOT War Coding Board Games (coding language converted to English instructions), and Code Master (logic game without a computer), are great games to introduce to kids through play.

Live Online Coding for Kids

Kids can start coding at any age. There are many live online free coding platforms collaborative or individualistic, for children who would like to go deeper into coding. If you would like a structured curriculum that can help in age-appropriate coding programs for kids, then reach out to DIYA to understand how our courses can enable your child to be their best and develop additional futuristic skills while they learn to code.

We at DIYA have designed online robotics courses for kids that will simultaneously engage them as well as introduce them to the online learning methodology, which is here to stay!