Apple’s AR/VR headset

Apple’s in game once more to compete with the best. This time, they want to be the best in the market for VR headsets. The AR/VR headset is not yet officially launched by Apple but we can see that TimCook, the CEO of Apple in his recent interview with China Daily USA, gave us a sneak peak to what could be the marketing strategy of this one of a kind headset.

Competing with Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR 2, Apple wants humanity to be the center of the AR/VR headset marketing strategy which is a stark contrast to the nascent metaverse. However, we should note that this headset is different from the rumored Apple Glasses that are set to launch by the year end.

Apple aficionados have gathered some of the best possible predictions about the AR set and they say the first gen headsets are all set to release by January 2023 and the second gen is rumored to come out in 2025.

Exploring several aspects of the headset, and will boost demand for associated AR apps and games. It is also said to be the precursor to Apple Glass. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a pertinent analyst and reliable Apple oracle, “The AR lenses are supposed to offer an "optical see-through AR experience.”

The headset will have exterior cameras and sensors to give a full potential experience and unlock the best every possible functionalities of an AR/VR headset. 

Unlike Oculus Quest 2, Apple offers body tracking and incorporates real-world environments in the virtual space. But it is also said that rather than jumping into the metaverse bandwagon, the Apple headset will only be designed for short trips into the VR world. 

You will be able to use the headset for viewing content, and gaming but will not be something that you will wear the whole day. This is in line with the marketing strategy where the company says it wants humanity to be the center of it. It is not your regular VR headset that you will stick to the whole day. VR is taking people away from the real world and Apple wants to be different and hence declared metaverse ‘off limits’.

With respect to the pricing, a report from The Information states that the headset could be as high as $3000 while usually VR gaming headsets cost as much as $1000 only. However this price is not decided and could vastly vary from what people think it could be priced at.

What do you think? Would you buy one to experience the best of Apple?