8 reasons why every child should learn to code

The expanded new-age definition of coding includes a cross-functional understanding of different subjects & topics, planning, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration and much more. The graphical programming mode simplifies the process of learning to code to a mere drag-drop of components, while the actual code is generated at the back end. This makes it a fun experience for the kids and easy to understand and learn.

Here are 8 reasons why every child today should learn to code:

  • Promotes Creativity – Computer animation, website development, interactive gaming applications all require a creative mind to be able to bring a mental picture into a form on digital platform through coding. 

  • Improved Problem-solving CapabilitiesThe basis of developing a computer         programme for a problem at hand, developing AI applications, is logical reasoning and problem-solving mindset.

  • Fun & Satisfactory – The process of coding and witnessing the execution of the code that one develops is a fun process and intrinsically rewarding.

  • Builds Resilience – When the developed programme fails to yield the results, the child is motivated to look at the why of the failure, which results in resilience and learning from failure. It also, teaches them that failure is not the end but just a learning opportunity.

  • Teaches Collaboration – Every child is unique and hence their outlook differs from each other. Problem solving requires approaching it from different perspectives to be able to come up with an effective and efficient solution. This forms the basis of collaborative practice in a child. Hackathons are a fun way to promote collaborative work.

  • Future Tech – Artificial Intelligence, Robotics is already here and penetrated every field of work and even homes. It is good that children learn to navigate this world from an early age.

  • Improves Academic Performance – The skills developed while coding improves the learning capabilities of a child and this translates into their academic performance too. 

  • Self-driven Person – Coding also inculcates, planning, coordination and execution, relooking the plan when expected outcome fails results in a self-driven functional person.


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